Four living labs

Seven locations to test the Streetforum toolkit

The toolkit will be tested in seven locations to evaluate its impact, transferability and scalability and will be available as free-to-use resources for the broader community.


Ropsy Chaudron

activities taking place on 25/6, 26/6, and 28/6/2024

North-Eastbound view of the Ropsy Chaudron street

The Ropsy Chaudron street runs along the northwestern edge of the “Abattoir”, which gets its name from Brussels’ old slaughterhouse and cattle market area. The street has also been a valuable link to the Charleroi canal, which allowed for the transport of goods along waterways. Nowadays this part of the Cureghem neighbourhood boasts an open market along with other community and cultural activities.

Herzieningslaan – Boulevard de la Révision

activities taking place on 3/7, 10/7, and 17/7/2024

The Boulevard de la Révision has trees and a walking path along its centreline

The Boulevard de la Révision is a wide urban boulevard with greenery providing shade to pedestrians walking along it. In the past, the boulevard has provided a much wider promenade space to pedestrians. Today however, large parts of the boulevard’s median have been dedicated to parking space, as can be seen in the image above.

Both of these locations were part of a transport plan that attempted to rethink Brussels’ mobility priorities. This plan however received huge backlash over its partial implementation, and there is now perhaps an opening to reopen a constructive dialogue regarding streets and transport planning in the area.



activities taking place 22/5 – 23/5/2024

View of Yoğurtçu Park from the north
Kadiköy district

Despite efforts to prioritize pedestrians, traffic congestion remains an issue, with parking areas consistently filled throughout the day, mainly utilized by nearby businesses. Yoğurtçu Park serves as a central public space, attracting diverse age groups and doubling as a waiting area due to its proximity to public transportation stops. Recent initiatives by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality have enhanced the area’s amenities, including seating elements within the park and along public transportation stops. The neighborhood’s urban landscape features a mix of old and new structures, catering to middle to upper-income residents attracted by its central location and diverse commercial offerings. High rental prices indicate demand from both local and non-local populations, making it a dynamic and sought-after area.

Top Left: The facade of the Yoğurtçu Parki is restricted to vehicle parking, with limited access for pedestrians.


Mäster Samuelssgatan

The living lab is a 300 meter-long section of Mäster Samuelsgatan, a busy street perpendicular to the main shopping street in the city center. During the latest decades, despite its very central position it has mainly functioned a passage between the two more busy perpendicular streets. Closed façades partly consisting of a parking garage have made the street unattractive to pedestrians, and instead, many delivery trucks and other motorized traffic can be found. In the past years it has several construction projects have significantly increased the conditions for human and social life on this and the adjacent streets. The aim of the living lab is to also revitalize the street.

Söder Mälarstrand

activities taking place on 25/9, 26/9, and 27/9/2024

Söder Mälarstrand is a 2 km long waterfront in the island of Södermalm. The quay hosts houseboats and other boats used for events and maritime services. However, it is partly disconnected from the rest of the neighborhood due to the fault slopes on one side and the water on the other. Nowadays, it’s principally used as a recreational passage for walking and jogging and as a parking area. In the recently released municipal strategy, Söder Mälarstrand is pointed out as one with high priority, and the dialogue and work within the Living lab is a starting point for its transformation to a more attractive and dynamic space.



activities taking place 5/6 – 14/6/2024

Lambertgasse is a calm street of the 16th district, in the western part of the city, with many residential buildings. A community garden functions as a meeting place for residents. There are also some benches to sit on, but not on the street itself. The only existing café closed in 2023. Although it is a residential street, no one uses it as such, even though it has a lot of trees. Some cars pass through or look for parking spaces, which are rather scarce.  


activities taking place 11/10 – 18/10/2024

Rahlgasse is located in the 6th inner district. It is a busy street due to a big school, several restaurants, a cinema and a hammam. The shopping street Mariahilfer Straße is only a few steps away and also Gumpendorfer Straße – another bustling street in the city, the transformation of which is being discussed at the moment. Rahlgasse is a dead-end street with a turnaround at the end. The few parking spaces are almost always taken. There are some benches to sit on and there are bicycle racks that are heavily used.