The StreetForum toolkit includes various participatory tools for consensus-oriented street transformation processes

Workshop-like tools

Storytelling Game

Participants share their stories about the street and link them to those of other players.

Developed by VUB Mobilise

Stakeholder Personas

Participants take on the roles of various stakeholders concerned with the area.

Developed by VUB Mobilise

Design Game

Taking turns, participants choose things they want to see added to their surroundings.

Developed by TU Wien, Artifact-based Computing & User Research 


A drawing of the street is created based on what the participants find important.

Developed by Brigitte Vettori / space and place

On-street activities

Art Installations

Various eye-catching installations can let passersby reconsider their urban spaces.

Developed by Alain Tisserand / Tisserand Schaller Architekten 


This tool showcases the alternative uses a residential street can provide for its users.

Developed by space and place


Using easily assemblable construction pieces, participants can quickly create large structures to give a new look to their street.

Developed by Cultureghem

Digital tools


People can leave pinpointed comments and feedback for their streets online.

Developed by Placetoplan AB in collaboration with Spacescape


By changing the charateristics of a street its newfound potential can be tested.

Developed by Spacescape